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People who survived a major health challenge and are interested in speaking with fellow survivors or in offering inspiration and support to those currently experiencing the same

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People interested in preventing illness, furthering health and exploring mind/body wellness topics

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People currently taking care of someone with a health challenge

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People living with a health issue - from headaches and allergies to chronic illness to major life challenges

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Thank you for your interest in the FHC Community. Please fill out this brief form to register for membership in our Community. As a member you will have an editable profile, blog, calendar and network of friends. We have become a hub for conversation surrounding topics that help to prevent illness and affect all of us emotionally, physically and spiritually. We feature some of the world’s top thought-leaders, self-help experts, authors and celebrity guests who share their insights and life experiences.

For those living with a Health Challenge, our unique internal directory allows you to find friends who can relate – you can search according to diagnosis and more than a dozen other criteria.

Survivors of illness can discuss issues related to living beyond a diagnosis, or can opt to offer support and friendship to those currently living through the challenges that you have overcome.

Caregivers can connect with others who can relate to the emotions and challenges that come with caring for a loved one with a health challenge.

For any other users that do not identify with the above categories or wish not to specify please chose General Public.

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